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A Brief Guide to April Birthstones

April is the month when Spring finally arrives in full force and the last remnants of Winter are pushed aside to make room for the renewing power of the sun and the flowers of the land. Formany, this is the time of year when schoolchildren are starting to get antsy in their desks, looking forward to the beginning of the summer and the end of the school term. April brings with it a promise and tradition of rain, helping to bring to life the trees and gardens that spent the cold months in hibernation. It is, of course, home to April Fool’s Day, and woe to the person who has a birthday on April 1st, particularly if they happen to be friends with pranksters. It is also halfway through this month that people turn their attention to the IRS. Here is a look at the birthstones of April.

April Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Diamond

April Birthstone DiamondWhat can be said about the mighty and elegant diamond that hasn’t been said before? The gemstone is so popular and rare that is has become the symbol for engagement and marriage since time long forgotten. The only gem that is revered for its ability to cut glass, the diamond is one of the hardest gemstones, and comes in an array of shades and clarities. The diamond is also unique in the fact that, prior to its being cut and shaped by an expert jeweler, it is not a particularly noteworthy gem. In fact, until the late fifteen hundreds, when gem cutting became a widely accepted practice, few held the diamond up as any kind of standard. Today, of course, the diamond is widely recognized as one of the most precious of all the gems, and this is due in large part to the skill and beauty with which they are cut. In some cases, the lovely blue sapphire has been used as the traditional birthstone for April, though in much less frequency than the diamond or even the rock crystal.

April Alternate Birthstone: Rock Crystal

Because the diamond is not always a practical gift for those with children or friends with an April birthday, the rock crystal has become a very popular substitute. Due to its availability, and, ore importantly, its affordability, the rock crystal has been used as a stand in for diamonds for all occasions, including as a birthstone. In its cut form, this colorless quartz can make a sparkling, dynamic gemstone, perfect for anyone who wants something with the sparkle of a diamond, but without the price tag.