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A Brief Guide to July Birthstones

Over the centuries, different cultures have exalted various types of stones. In some instances, the choice of stones was understood to have some sort of historical or social significance. In other cases, the stones were considered to be some sort of religious connection and were understood to be powerful conduits to things spiritual. For some people, the birthstone is simply an element of tradition and a source of fun.

Over the years, more than one list has emerged as being a source of authority when it comes to what stones are associated with which birth month. The diversity on the lists has made it possible for people to enjoy more than one birthstone as part of their heritage. July is one of those months that has a collection of brilliantly vibrant stones, with each of them having their own sense of style and background.

July Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Ruby

July Birthstone RubyFrom the traditional and modern listing, the ruby is understood to be the birthstone for the month of July. The tradition in this case appears to have religious overtones, as it is often associated with the Judeo-Christian tradition, as part of the list of precious stones that were encrusted onto the Breastplate of Aaron. With a vibrant red hue, the ruby is one of those stones that can be used for dressy occasions or also step out for a night of fun on the town. At times associated with blood as the essential essence of life, the ruby tends to be one of those stones that people easily recognize, love to wear, and generally enjoy seeing and wearing.

The traditional listing also includes the designation of the onyx as associated with the month of July. Dark and mysterious, the onyx carries a sense of being both elegant and subdued, making it an ideal birthstone for July babies who lean toward the conservative in both look and demeanor. Also mentioned in the biblical passages related to the Breastplate of Aaron, there is also a clue of how to properly show off the onyx to best effect; set the onyx in a gold setting, and the stone will seem to be perfectly at home.

July Alternative Birthstone: Jade or Carnelian

Today, there is also an alternate list of birthstones that may be attractive to the July birthday celebrant. Here, it is possible to enjoy the lush coolness of jade. Well known as a popular stone in a number of different jewelry pieces, jade is considered to be a lot of fun to wear, and is especially great for celebrations. The alternate list also offers the selection of carnelian as a birthstone for the month of July.