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A Brief Guide to November Birthstones

November Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Citrine

November Birthstone CitrineNovember's modern and traditional birthstone, citrine, is just as yellow as the yellow topaz, but lighter and, if possible, even brighter. If yellow topaz is the crystallized color of the autumn leaves, then citrine is sunshine in spring perfect for wearing through those long, dreary days between November and April! In fact, November's birthstone makes an excellent birthday gift, as a reminder of warmth and love and cheer throughout the winter months.

The citrine and the topaz have long been thought to cure depression, so besides being excellent birthday gifts for "the last beautiful month of autumn", they also make thoughtful and appropriate gifts year-round for those who may be going through difficult or trying times. Similarly, citrine has long been regarded as the gem of friendship, so there is no time of year when a gift of citrine would be out of place. However, its bright yellow tones, like the leaves of hickory trees after the first frost, make it particularly suited to its place as November's birthstone.

If, however, you dislike yellow, or find the colors of the topaz and citrine too bright or childish for your tastes, November's alternate birthstone is the turquoise, a rich blue stone that makes up in sophistication whatever the topaz or the citrine might seem to lack. If yellow topaz is the warmth of autumn leaves, then the turquoise is the depth of autumn's velvety sky. With good reason, turquoise often symbolizes infinitude and endurance, and it was considered a sacred stone by the American Indians, who called it "the tears of the sky".

It would be hard to find two stones more dissimilar than the turquoise and the citrine, or the turquoise and the yellow topaz, and yet all three stones contain the very essence of autumn in their rich hues, whether it be turquoise's enchanting blues or the delightful yellow-gold of citrine and yellow topaz.

November Alternate Birthstone: Yellow Topaz

Of all the birthstones, perhaps none are as determinedly cheerful as November's birthstones. The alternate birthstone for November is the yellow topaz, a bright yellow gemstone that looks like crystallized sunshine. The warm gold tones of yellow topaz are particularly appropriate for November, as it matches the colors of the leaves on the trees. In fact, a yellow topaz is almost like the best part of autumn in gem form and you can wear it all year round!