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A Brief Guide to October Birthstones

Having Fun With Your October Birthstones

These days, most people have some choices when it comes to their birthstones. While many people choose to go with the traditional listing for birth stone selections, others have more fun with the modern listing that developed in the early years of the 20th century. Still others prefer a more recent listing, referred to as the alternate list. The nice thing is that people can choose from one list or the other, or even choose to claim a whole round of birthstones as their own.

October Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Opal

October Birthstone OpalWhen it comes to the month of October, the options are pretty straightforward. The opal is considered to be the October birthstone for both the traditional and modern options. For persons who want to go with a bit of light color, the pink tourmaline is the October birthstone of choice. Both stones have a lot to recommend them. In the case of the opal, many people consider this stone to be one of the more regal and dignified choices for jewelry pieces. The nature of the opal is so strongly identified with the feminine tradition that in generations past, it was not unusual for families to bestow the name of Opal onto one of their daughters. The simple elegance of the stone makes it the perfect pairing with a simple black dress, adding an element of style and grace. In less formal settings, the opal is a simple compliment to everything from a sweater and jeans to office wear.

October Alternate Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline

The pink tourmaline is also associated often with the feminine, and can be a subtle touch of color when worn as stones in a bracelet or ring. Generally, the pink tourmaline works best in some sort of a simple setting, and is considered to be especially lovely with settings made of silver or white gold. A sense of delicacy is associated with pink tourmaline, as well as a feeling of peace and tranquility. As a birthstone associated with the autumn of the year, with its return to routine after the summer and just before the turbulence of the major holidays, the pink tourmaline as a symbol of tranquility may be just the ticket.