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A Brief Guide to September Birthstones

What You Should Know About September Birth Stones

Many people think that there is only one birthstone for each month. The fact is that there are several different birthstones associated with each month. In the case of September, these are some beautiful options, all of which can be attractive reminders of your birth month.

September Modern and Traditional Birthstone: Sapphire

September Birthstone SapphireThe traditional birthstones for the month of September are the sapphire and the peridot. Some attribute the use of the sapphire in the listing of birthstones to the fact that sapphires are associated with lists of precious stones found in both the Jewish and the Christian traditions. The sapphire is mentioned as one of the stones used to adorn the Breastplate of Aaron, included in the second row of stones. This incidence is mentioned in writings considered to be sacred by both Jews and Christians. As part of the New Testament canon, the sapphire is also associated with the New Jerusalem that is to appear in the end times. Here it is described as being included in the second foundation for the city. Persons who prefer to ascribe religious significance to the stones associated with each birth month often find the sapphire to be the ideal for this point of view. In fact, the sapphire has survived as being the single birthstone for the month of September, as found on modern lists.

September Alternate Birthstone: Lapis Lazuli

An alternate listing for birthstones names the beautiful Lapis Lazuli as the birthstone of choice for persons born in September. As one of those stones that can be dressed up for a night out on the town or be worn as an accessory while out shopping, the lapis lazuli is considered to be pretty and versatile. Some persons who understand stones to possess mystic energy tend to think of the Lapis lazuli as being loaded with healing properties. Essentially, wearing the stone as part of an amulet, a bracelet, or a ring is understood as being one way to help safeguard one's health. Pure stones that have not been placed into a setting may also be kept in a natural container and placed on a nightstand, to help support a restful and recuperative sleep.

Whatever your take on the purpose and function of birthstones, there is no doubt that the choices for the month of September are indeed beautiful and a lot of fun to have around. Why not look into your birthstones today and see what you can find out about their background in both tradition and folklore?